Tuesday, 19 August 2008

New release, "FUCK THE RIAA!"

For a while now i've been wanting to release an official "greatest hits" for Xihilisk, so that people unfamiliar with my music have a good place to start. I've had nearly 100,000 downloads of my last release so hopefully this will be just as popular.

So i bring you this new release, called "Fuck the RIAA!".

It contains my best tracks from the last 4 or so years, and a few unreleased and brand new tracks. Some of the old tracks have been remastered too so they don't sound so shitty.

I chose the name because not only is it a saying i repeat online with a manta-like frequency, it's something which is very important to all of us.

2.Theme for Something
3.Unwrite These
4.Gregor! The Blacksmith
6.Angle Smoother
7.The Movement of Dogs
8.The Scene Where Everybody Dies (previously unreleased)
9.Sleep Patterns
10.Autonomous Seashield
11.IDM is Dead
12.Venice is Burning
14.In Legions
16.Massive Ion (previously unreleased)
17.An Example of Turmoil (previously unreleased)
18.Sleep Patterns (live) (previously unreleased)

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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Xihilisk Island, a ceegeeeye experiment.

I've always wanted to start doing CGI stuff, but the software has such a fierce learning curve that i've always fallen at the feet of frustration.
A recent spell of illness resulted in me sticking at it, and im finally getting somewhere.

So, here's my first creation,
Xihilisk Island.

You can view 18 renders of it, in nice high resolution, in the Flickr Set. I did lots of different weather conditions etc, so theres lots of noice stuff.

Here are a few (click for high res):

New version of "Theme for Something"

I was never happy with the original mix of "Theme for Something", so i've gone back to it and changed some things. The mixing has been tweaked, as has the percussion section in the final section. And a few other things.
Overall it sounds a lot better!

Monday, 31 March 2008

Brand new track, "An Example of Turmoil"

Finished this one today. Not a very popular one judging by the Myspace response, but im rather happy with it. It is quite experimental, and some way away from my most recent releases but im glad to be playing around with new things.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Download every Xihilisk album for free.

Here is the mega-post ive been meaning to do for a while, every single Xihilisk album available to download for free. The download links start the download immediately for painless downloading.
Ive yet to add some more albums, but these are the main releases.

EPTwo (2008)

1.In Slider 2.Autonomous Seashield 3.Amanda 4.The movement of dogs 5.Lye Flatley 6.Takenology

The newest release, probably my best yet. More electronic edged as a whole but has "Autonomous Seashield" which was made entirely from guitars (except the drums..)



anEP (2007)

1.Unwrite These 2.Gregor,
the Blacksmith 3.Hurry 4.As is Untitled 5.Orchanic 6.Angle Smoother

I made so many tracks for this album, but ended up cutting it down to 6 for an EP. "Gregor, the Blacksmith" is a fucking monster. Lots of variation on this one, its quite experimental.



0396 (2006)

1.My cat got fat 2.Ar
gonaut 3.Warnist Tide 4.IDMftBjork 5.Nein die Katze 6.Venice is Burning 7.Comedown 8.These Howlls 9.Sleep Patterns 10.Trumunbass 11.Offshore Magnetism 12.Cocodamol 13.Wherewouldibewhereyou

This is a "Best-of" from the the late 2005-2006 period. It has some tracks that are on other releases with some tweaking on the mastering, and 6 originals that i made around
that time. People seem to like this one.



Unreleased Stuff (2004-2007)

1.Turpentine 2.Some Acronym i believe 3.Fridayanditsraining 4.Lungchowt 5.Busta Remix 6.Lobster Mating Patterns 7.Out now, one to six 8.Cars 9.Fountains 10.Townsfolk 11.The end will be like this

Stuff i messed up the production on (Lungchowt), stuff thats way too wierd (Lobster mating patterns) and stuff that just fell by the wayside. Be sure to check out "Townsfolk" for the lulz.



Instruction Manuals for Impossible Machines (2005)

dead 2.Sleep Patterns 3.Argonaut 4.Bloodshot 5.Cocodamol 6.Venice is burning 7.Aurora Rework 8.Suitable for Vegetarians

This was a turning point album, where i properly starting shaping actual songs instead of just ideas and jams. It was also the album where i started using Cakewalk Sonar for everything, and i love it to this day.



I like Coffee, Today (2004)

: 1.ILikeCoffeeToday 2.The factory exploded 3.An invasion 4.Shylock chronicles 5.ILikeCoffeeToday(Man behind the curtain remix) 6.The lonely pian
o 7.In defiance of god 8.The valley of the bean 9.Sunrise over the beanfield 10.Harming realities 11.Death tower 12.Burning Jerusalem 13.When planets collide 14.Drowning in concrete 15.Predetermined burial 16.Nooneleft 17.Losing control of a motorbike 18.UtDaLa 19.Bangin 20.The shady valley 21.Dragging a metal slug

A dark electronica/idm album. Fast and quite harsh in places. Inspired by chemical experimentation.



Burn in my Fires (2003)

1.Rub face here 2.Rotting stunt full of grit 3.Lenor 4.Registered trademark 5.Ghey 6.Burn in my fires 7.Eat it 8.Organ mutilation 9.Cure bl
ag 10.The iron yak 11.The ladder 12.Featuring Kim

This album is a challening journey through discordant grindcore and impossibly cheerful sounding acoustic guitar layering. An odd one.



Milk my Filthy Geishbar (2002)

1.Destruction of the universe 2.When you realise you're nothing 3.Dark as fock 4.Urm 5.Athend 6.The piano 7.Killing you 8.Lee lucas 9.Geish 10.Paranoia 11.In you head 12.Too fokt 13.The frothy bits 14.Suffocation 15.Release 16.Psychotic

The most messed-up album ive made. I wasnt very good at making choons on the computer back then, and it shows. But what i lacks in technical merit, it makes up for in sheer-fuckedupness in spades. And yes, that is me on the cover :-)



The Effect (2001)

1.Purple Lift 2.All to be one of ours 3.My cat 4.Intense cataclysm 5.Try to climb 6.The beginning 7.Zulu

The first album i ever recorded. I had been playing guitar for about 2 weeks, and was rather into sickening necro metal at the time. Also contains my first electronic track, "Zulu". To say this album is challenging is a gross understatement.


Sunday, 24 February 2008

Brand new track, "Tunnel Physics"

Finished this today, after a solid week of making and breaking this. Its been many shapes and colours, but has settled on a grubby shade of metallic grey. I reckon ive put 80 odd hours in to this, which makes me wonder if im dedicated, or just shit.

Its my most experimental track for a long time, which is interesting as I went back to some old-school methods when making this.

Nausea tides, constant headaches, carpel tunnel syndrome. These are the symptoms of Tunnel Physics.

Monday, 11 February 2008

"Theme for Something" is a theme for something.

A guy called Daniel Weaver has done this very impressive title sequence for a film entitled "Euphrates" and used my track Theme for Something as the music.

'I heard a voice say to the sixth angle,
'Release the four angels bound at Euphrates'
And the four angels who were kept for this hour
were unleased to kill a third of mankind.
The number was two hundred million.
I heard the number'

Euphrates is a river in Iraq, which the bible states flows from the garden of Eden, so life began at this river. The bible says also, that the battle of Armageddon will happen on the banks of the river.