Saturday, 12 January 2008

Brand new track, "Theme for something"

I have an idea for a new animation, and wanted to make a soundtrack to it before I create the animation itself. After a couple of days changing its basic compenents around, it turned into something completely different than what I set out to make.

This started as a hard-edged "dance" track, in the vein of gnarly downtempo techno. How it became this im not sure, but im quite happy with the results. The mixing was an arduous task so its not perfect, but hopefully ill knock any kinks out when i master it for the pressed copies of "EPTwo".

Download the new release, "EPTwo", for free.

My new release, "EPTwo" has taken a year, my longest ever for an album and it has only 6 tracks. This is my 11th official album release, and my best work yet. It is also the 11th album i have released completely free of charge, on CD format and digitally, because thats just the way things should be!

This is also a lot more polished as a complete release than the last one, and for the first time i can honestly say every track deserves its place. I made 13 tracks for the album, and cut it down to 6 in a brutal fashion to ensure that the release is 100% perfect.

Xihilisk-"EPTwo" (2008)

Download links:

(VBR 192kbps, 36mb)


(CBR 256kbps, 53mb)


(CBR 256kbps, 53mb)

hello, will now be directed here for the time being. Ive taken a dislike to the Flash site that was there, and am working on something far more exciting for it, albeit extremely slowly (as much as I like working with Flash, I hate working with Flash).
The ease of this blog malarky means I can update things way more often anyway.!