Thursday, 15 May 2008

Xihilisk Island, a ceegeeeye experiment.

I've always wanted to start doing CGI stuff, but the software has such a fierce learning curve that i've always fallen at the feet of frustration.
A recent spell of illness resulted in me sticking at it, and im finally getting somewhere.

So, here's my first creation,
Xihilisk Island.

You can view 18 renders of it, in nice high resolution, in the Flickr Set. I did lots of different weather conditions etc, so theres lots of noice stuff.

Here are a few (click for high res):

New version of "Theme for Something"

I was never happy with the original mix of "Theme for Something", so i've gone back to it and changed some things. The mixing has been tweaked, as has the percussion section in the final section. And a few other things.
Overall it sounds a lot better!