Sunday, 24 February 2008

Brand new track, "Tunnel Physics"

Finished this today, after a solid week of making and breaking this. Its been many shapes and colours, but has settled on a grubby shade of metallic grey. I reckon ive put 80 odd hours in to this, which makes me wonder if im dedicated, or just shit.

Its my most experimental track for a long time, which is interesting as I went back to some old-school methods when making this.

Nausea tides, constant headaches, carpel tunnel syndrome. These are the symptoms of Tunnel Physics.


srsly said...

I like this one. :]

Anonymous said...

wow, thanks very much for all the music (who doesnt luv free stuff). really really luv this track.and all ur other stuff for that matter. the experimenting wif indie electronica alternative stuf = nice. and no, dont think ur shit, quite frankly really dedicated.. but ja what does my opinion count.