Tuesday, 19 August 2008

New release, "FUCK THE RIAA!"

For a while now i've been wanting to release an official "greatest hits" for Xihilisk, so that people unfamiliar with my music have a good place to start. I've had nearly 100,000 downloads of my last release so hopefully this will be just as popular.

So i bring you this new release, called "Fuck the RIAA!".

It contains my best tracks from the last 4 or so years, and a few unreleased and brand new tracks. Some of the old tracks have been remastered too so they don't sound so shitty.

I chose the name because not only is it a saying i repeat online with a manta-like frequency, it's something which is very important to all of us.

2.Theme for Something
3.Unwrite These
4.Gregor! The Blacksmith
6.Angle Smoother
7.The Movement of Dogs
8.The Scene Where Everybody Dies (previously unreleased)
9.Sleep Patterns
10.Autonomous Seashield
11.IDM is Dead
12.Venice is Burning
14.In Legions
16.Massive Ion (previously unreleased)
17.An Example of Turmoil (previously unreleased)
18.Sleep Patterns (live) (previously unreleased)

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MCAndre said...

You have some cool beats, sir.

Have you heard the song Fuck the MPAA by Futuristic Sex Robotz? I love it!

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Anonymous said...

So much spam and so little love! Just a quick shout to say that you rock. Keep spreadin' the love~!

Star said...

The Honourable Sir Millard Mulch makes some valid (if illogical) points. Let the RIAA go fuck themselves; I'm far too busy doing more valuable work. I've long been a fan of your experimental work; don't hold back.

ettuspadix said...

Get your sorry ass over to wtfmusic.org, where this stuff will get appreciated.

Vincent said...

Hey man, I love your stuff. Fell in love with autonomous seashield a few years ago, used it as a ringtone since. This shit is awesome. I'm just so getting your new cd right now and giving you feedback later.